Hultsfreed Hayride

Hell yeah! Hultsfreed Hayride is a 1950’s rock n´roll-rockabilly-rhythm n´blues-soul-blues-country-surf festival held at Restaurant Metropol, Hultsfred in the south of Sweden every summer. The dates for 2010 are July 2-3.


Ella & The Obsidians

New act!

Ella & The Obsidians (GER)

Get a taste of this!
It's obscure late 50’s, early 60’s frat-style-rock-n-roll with a big apprehension for soul. Doesn't that sound as efficient as brain surgery performed with the black...

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The Go Getters New act!


The hardest working band in show business. They've been touring around the world since the start in 1988. Fourteen years later...
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Billie & The Kids (CRO) Billie & The Kids (CRO)

When we came across Billie & The Kids on their MySpace we got so excited that we instantly had to book them. Billie & the Kids got together...
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Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers (SWE)

Wildfire Willie is a 4-piece band including vocal, guitar, drums and bass, playing 50s RocknRoll/Rockabilly (and some Hillbilly). Occasionally piano, saxophone, fiddle, blues harp and steel guitar...
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The Caezars The Caezars (UK)

The Caezars as we know them today formed in late August 2009 with a determination to play fresh, raw and slightly obscure Rock’n’Roll.
The line-up first consisted of just...
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Lil' Camille & The Rattletones Lil' Camille & The Rattletones (SWE)

Hultsfreed Hayride's houseband. This will be their third appearance at Hultsfreed Hayride. One of Sweden's hardest working rockabilly acts. It seems like...
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The Camtwisters The Camtwisters (SWE)...

Some of you may or may not remember a band called 69-HARD that caused a riot in the punk/action rock scene...
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